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Content Writing Vs Copywriting – All You Need To Know

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What Does It Mean Copywriting And Content Writing?

Most people get confused with the concept of content writing and copywriting. Businesses and brands use both content writers and copywriters for their respective objectives.

They are two different individuals with two different tasks. 

The company website which runs a blog is 343 times more likely to get a good ranking in search engines.

According to Hubspot, personalized CTAs bring 200% more conversion chances. 

Brands don’t want their customers to get annoyed by promotional content and selling motives.

They wish to give some valuable content without getting anything out of it. That is why they hire content writers.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the skill to write short forms of content with sales and conversion intent. A copywriter writes compelling slogans, headlines, and call to action.

So the definition of copywriting is a slimy and straightforward piece of content that emotionally hypnotizes the readers and compels them towards immediate action.

What is Content Writing?

Content writing is the skill to write long-form content to educate, entertain and inform the audience about any specific topic or product.

The definition of content writing is a lengthy and detailed piece of content that is primarily used for information purposes and to bring traffic to a website.

Content writing is, in other words, a way to raise brand voice and lead generation cost-effectively.

Major Differences Copywriting vs Content Writing

One can say content writing and copywriting are two sides of a coin. If content writing is the head, then copywriting is the tail. Both are different types of writing concerning intent and purpose.

In some cases, they overlap as well. A successful content writer knows well about copywriting tactics.

Objectives of Copywriting and Content Writing

Companies or brands hire both types of writers for different goals and objectives. If they aim to educate their audience and add value through well-researched content, they hire content writers.

If their objective is to sell something to a pre-established and educated audience, they will go for a copywriter. Both persons vary in job requirements and serve different purposes.

The focus of Copywriting and Content Writing

A content writer usually writes with a future mindset. Mainly the content writing revolves around SEO. Content writers typically write for companies, brands, and businesses.

They primarily focus on educational, informative, and long-form SEO content.

While copywriters are used to capturing brand community attention with their skills of emotional attraction and a sense of urgency, they usually write short-form articles or copies which conclude with a solid call to action.

Suppose it may end up asking for a sign-up, book download, or an online purchase.

Outcomes of Copywriting and Content Writing

A content writer works on content that drives traffic to a website. At the same time, the copywriter does the job of converting them into buyers and sales.

Both are vital from a business success perspective. One takes control of SEO, and the other surrounds marketing.

It is not a product that sells; emotions and ideas convert them into a brand. Copywriting is also called the art of selling.

Examples of Content Writing and Copywriting

We have uncovered some popular jobs offered to content writers and copywriters.

Content Writing Examples

  • Articles & Blog Posts
  • News & Magazine Stories
  • Press Releases
  • Email Newsletters
  • White Papers
  • Video Scripts(YouTube)
  • Case Studies
  • Research Papers

Copywriting Examples

  • Online, Social Media, and Offline Ads Copies
  • Business Slogans and Taglines
  • Email Campaigns
  • Billboards
  • Sales Letters
  • Catalogs
  • Landing Page Copies
  • Job Ads

Content Writing vs Copywriting Salary Comparison

Although it depends upon the individual skills and results which decide how much they will get paid. Content writer and copywriter salaries are not the same.

If we compare the content length and salary, the copywriter is absolutely the winner. Content writers are usually less paid compared to their work.

The fact behind it is business goals. Companies start their blog to gain traffic and get quick conversions. Their prime objective is always scaling.

They want to get more out of it. That is why a copywriter is a must and a more loved person for a business.

If a content writer is getting paid $100 for 500 words, a copywriter might get above $500 for the same.

Why Do Companies Pay More To Copywriters?

A copywriter is similar to a sales agent. A company hires a copywriter who demands $1000 per project and has outclass skills.

It would help them increase their sales 10X more than average. There are more possibilities for sales, so they are ready to pay more to experienced and seasoned copywriters.

Final Thoughts

Content writing is responsible for audience growth, engagement, and brand loyalty from a storytelling perspective.

Captivating content earns subscribers to businesses that can be pushed to transform into potential customers.

Some blogs are also practicing call-to-action-based content these days. This is only possible with high-quality content and a positive approach. In such cases, content writers take the responsibility of copywriting.

A creative mind is mandatory for both to craft more content and copy ideas, and it’s probably the ideas that sell.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a copywriter the same as a content writer?

No, copywriters and content writers have different roles and objectives. A copywriter focuses on sales, while a content writer authors high-quality SEO content for more traffic and exposure.

Copywriter and content writer, which is better?

A copywriter is a better choice. They are likely to get paid more as compared to content length.

An experienced copywriter can demand 5 times more than a content writer.

How do I learn copywriting?

There are several sources to learn and master copywriting skills. Platforms like Coursera, Udemy, and LinkedIn Learning offer copywriting courses prepared by expert copywriters. In the beginning, it is fair enough to take the start from YouTube.

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